Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Tennessee Valley

On Monday Bartek and I drove through Golden Gate Bridge to Tiburon (a lovely little town with great views of San Francisco), then to Tennessee Valley and Tennessee Beach, and back through Sausalito to San Francisco.

Here is view from Tiburon to San Francisco. You can not see San Francisco? Trust me - it's there. It's just being shy and it is hiding under the fog cloud:

Here I am in front of the fountain in Tiburon:

Here is Bartek with Tennessee Valley in the background:

That's me on the hiking trail to the ocean:

These are pretty pink flowers (does anybody know their name?) that we met on our way:

That's a view to the beach from Tennessee Valley Trail:

Bartek on the beach:

Me on the beach:

Again me on the beach:

Rocks to the left (south) of Tennessee Beach:

The ocean and rocks to the right (north) of Tennessee Beach: