Sunday, September 9, 2007

Pacific Grove Triathlon

Today Kristina (one of my roommates) took part in Pacific Grove Triathlon. You just can not imagine how extremely proud I am of her! During last few months I had a chance to see how hard she was preparing for this triathlon and how much heart she had put into it. I also know that she was starting almost from zero: she had just learnt how to swim this year, and today she managed to swim 1.5 km in open water. I also remember going biking with her few months ago, so I know how slow biker she was. But today she managed to bike 40 km keeping decent speed! And after that she still run 10 km. I am more than impressed with her will power. She is my hero of a day!

More than thousand people took part in today's olympic distance triathlon. Here is start of Kristina's group (women under 29):

Hundreds of people in the water were attracting attention from birds and water animals (We even saw a big group of dolphins passing by, unfortunately, I did not manage to take a good photo of them):

Swimming distance was 1.5 km and consisted of two loops. Here Kristina comes out of water after finishing the first loop:

And here she comes out of water after finishing whole distance. At this point she looked pretty much exhausted and confused:

Biking distance was 40 km and consisted of 4 loops of 10 km each. Here relaxed Kristina starts her second loop:

The final part of triathlon was 10 km run. Kristina crossed the finish line 4h 13 min 2sec after the start! Pretty good as for beginning!

Happy Kristina few minutes after finishing the triathlon:

Some time after the amateurs, a professional triathlon started. The best men was Victor Plata, who finished the race in 1h 55min 21sec! Here he is among other guys biking:

The best woman was Becky Lavelle. She finished the triathlon in 2h 07min 26sec. She was absolutely amazing - she crossed the finish line 2.5 min before any other women!

I am so tempted to take part in triathlon myself next year...