Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Big Basin Redwoods State Park

Saturday and Sunday we (Bartek and I) spent hiking in Big Basin Redwoods State Park, the oldest Californian state park. We started our hike at Park Headquaters from where we took first Dool Trail Middle Ridge Road, and then Hollow Tree Trail to Lane Sunset Trail Camp, where we set up our camp for the night. On Sunday we took Basin Trail and Skyline to the Sea Trail back to Park Headquaters and our car. Below are few pics from that trip. (PS In the evening we saw Sweeney Todd at American Conservatory Theater that you should definitely see if you manage to get tickets!)

If it's Saturday, then we eat breakfast at...

It's very difficult to take photos of redwoods as they are so biiiiiiiiiggggg:

We met this beautiful Steller's Jay just next to the tourist shop at Park Headquaters:

A hollow tree trunk at the Hollow Tree Trail:

As there was no water at the camp we had to carry it all on our backs:

Here I am (looking stupid) on the trail up to the camp:

As always, we met several lizards that I had to photograph (I'm a big fun of all sorts of amphibians and reptiles):

Yet another lizard:

Pirate (almost) Bartek:

View to the ocean from Skyline to Sea Trail:

Bartek on the Basin Trail: