Friday, January 6, 2012

Peru Travel

In case you missed some of my posts about our 2010-2011 trip to Peru, here is a complete list:

  1. Peru
  2. Road to Manu National Park
  3. Paucartambo
  4. Can You Get Fresh Bread in the Middle of the Jungle? Yes, You Can.
  5. Butterflies of Manu National Park
  6. Coca Plantation
  7. White Water Rafting on Alto Madre de Dios
  8. Clay Lick, Manu National Park
  9. A Night Walk through the Jungle
  10. Zip-lining above the Amazon Jungle
  11. Machu Huasi Oxbow Lake, Manu NP
  12. Cock-of-the-rock: the National Bird of Peru
  13. Help! I'm Going to the Amazon Jungle - What Can I Expect?
  14. Animals and Plants of Manu NP
  15. Cuzco
  16. The Saqsaywaman Ruins
  17. Traveling in Peru - Practical Information
  18. The Inca Moral Code on Taquile Island, Lake Titicaca
  19. The Floating Islands of Uros, Lake Titicaca
  20. Peruvians Are the Worst Drivers in the World
  21. Cameloids of South America: Llamas, Alpacas, Vincunas, Guanacos
  22. Our Adventure with Unreliable Travel Agency, Friendly Police, and Super-Helpful iPeru
  23. Backpacking in Colca Canyon, Day One
  24. Christmas Eve in the Oasis at the Bottom of Colca Canyon, Day Two
  25. Backpacking in Colca Canyon with a Friendly Dog Companion, Day Three
  26. The White City of Arequipa
  27. Political Advertising in Peru
  28. Christmas in Peru: Nativity Scenes
  29. The Inca Trek, Day One: Cusco to Wayllabamba
  30. The Inca Trek, Day Two: Wayllabamba to Pacamayo
  31. The Inca Trek, Day Three: Pacamayo to Winay Wayna
  32. Runkurakay Ruins on the Inca Trek, Day Three
  33. Phuyumatamarca Ruins on the Inca Trek, Day Three
  34. Sayaqmarka Ruins on the Inca Trek, Day Three
  35. Intipata Ruins on the Inca Trek, Day Three
  36. Winay Wayna Ruins on the Inca Trek, Day Three
  37. The Inca Trek, Day Four: Winay Wayna to Machu Picchu
  38. Machu Picchu - Huayana Picchu Hike
  39. Good Morning, New Year! Good Morning, Machu Picchu!
  40. To Inca Trek or not to Inca Trek—that Is the Question