Monday, January 17, 2011

Your Boyfriend Must Be Rich

After two relaxing days in Hampi spent in the lovely company of Nancy and Naomi, I had to yet again embark on a solo train trip back to Hyderabad. But first I had to get to Hospet, where the trains stop. Hospet is 13km away from Hampi, and the only way to get there is to hire an autorickshaw.

During the half an hour that it took to cover this distance, I got thoroughly interrogated by my driver on my job, my salary, and my private life. He was amazed to find out that I was visiting my "boyfriend" in India, and had a problem understanding the concept. He was even more amazed by the concept of "dating" and "getting to know each other" before marriage.

I told him that it is very common in the Western countries, and I also recommended to him that he takes some time before he decides whom to marry. He was only nineteen and already saving money for a wedding (to unknown yet bride...)

He was also extremely kind to think (and say) that I am a supermodel :) and a student, not more than 23 years old :) Next time I will feel bad about my age or looks, I should definitely pay a visit to India :)

Sadly, he also thought that my "boyfriend" had to be rich. When I asked him why he thought so, he replied that only a rich guy could afford to have a girl like me (with a white skin, I guess), and that's why to increase his own chances of having a good and pretty wife he was working hard and saving money...

Life is very unfair in this best of the worlds.