Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hampi Bazaar

Inhabitants of Hampi make their living by offering services and selling souvenirs to tourists. As we were there during the low tourist season, most of the prices were reasonable. We took advantage of that and bought some gifts for ourselves and our friends.

Of course, you always need to bargain as the price you get initially quoted is at least twice (and often three times) higher than it should be. The rule that I follow is to ask myself how much is the particular item worth to me, and do not settle for anything more than that.

Even though I think I am pretty good in not letting other people extort money from me, still I got tricked by the Lakshmi priests to pay them for this photo:

I love taking pictures of kids:

Nancy buying table clothes:

Nancy, who is an artist herself, is checking out necklaces made by the lovely Indian seller:

The tailors that custom-made some of the clothes we bought:

A barber:

Ladies selling bananas in front of the temple:

Red powder used for pujas:

Leather shop:

Gandhi, Ganesha and Che Guevara co-exist: