Sunday, October 3, 2010

An unorthodox baby shower

Last weekend I was invited by my friends Molli and Lev to an "unorthodox" baby shower. It was very different than other baby showers I have been to, mostly because of the lovely Jewish harvest ceremony that was part of it.

The happy future parents, Molli and Lev:

We are all listening to the explanations of the ceremony:

Here we are praying for rain:

Then Lev and Molli waved the lulav in all directions of the world. And finally, facing the north, they stroke the ground with it:

Afterwards, we all passed our love and blessings to the baby:

I was tempted to have all pictures in black and white, but since the weather was so gorgeous and the happy parents were wearing nice vivid colors, I decided to keep most photos in color. These are the only two that I took in black and white: