Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Joshua Tree NP - Cholla Garden

My dearest friend Bartek joined us on the second day of our stay in Joshua Tree NP and we continued exploring the park with him. The first place that we saw together was "Cholla Garden", which is a place of dense concentration of Cholla Cactus. There is 0.25 mile long nature walk leading through it, during which you can learn many interesting things about the life and reproduction of Cholla.

Cholla is also known as a jumping cactus. The name comes from the ease with which its stems detach when brushed. Even the slightest touch will make the bits of cactus jump at you and cling to you and your clothes. So even though it does look pretty and soft, do not touch it! Its spines will go deep into your skin and it will be very hard to remove them.

The warning sign at the beginning of the trail:

Blooming Cholla:

My husband and Cholla in all their glory and beauty :)