Sunday, October 31, 2010

Aditi & Ram's Birthday Party

Yesterday my beautiful niece and nephew were celebrating their 5th and 2nd birthdays, respectively. The party was in the park and there were lots of other kids. The weather was good and everybody had lots of fun. The boys were mostly playing with balls, and the girls were pretending that they are princesses. Luckily, there are many fairy tales, each with its own princess, so that every girl at the party could be a different princess. Even I was nominated to be a Mermaid :)

Ram playing with his new ball. We tried to teach him that it was a soccer ball and should not be touched with hands, but we were not too successful:

Princess Aditi playing (and winning!) a "clown" game:

Delicious birthday cake:

Neeta, Gautam, Aditi and Ram cutting the cake: