Wednesday, August 25, 2010

photographic proof of our relationship

When you apply for a green card based on marriage with a US citizen, you need to prove that your relationship is real. One suggested way of doing that is to provide photos documenting your relationship and your marriage ceremony. As I spent several hours working on this "photographic documentation" of our relationship, I decided to post it here as well. Otherwise it would just seem as too big waste of a time...

Our trip to India:

Our first two road trips together (my husband loves working so much that it is difficult to convince him to even take a day off...):

Random trips & events in Bay Area:

Traveling in California with my parents:

Our honeymoon:

In the city hall, dealing with marriage formalities:

Our beautiful wedding ceremony:

As you can see we actually do not have too many pictures together. We are just not one of those couples that bothers everybody to take pictures of them... But if only I had know that it would be needed for the green card... ;)