Thursday, August 5, 2010

architectural walking tour: 111 Sutter

Even though we asked our friends not to give us any wedding gifts, still some of them could not resist the temptation. However, all gifts that we received were so special and thoughtful, that for a short moment I even regretted that we did not give a chance to our other friends to express themselves through gifts too.

Anne and Sebastian's gift, for example, gave as an opportunity to learn something new about San Francisco during a private guided architectural tour through some of the most interesting buildings in downtown SF. (Thank you so much Anne and Sebastian! Not only we learned a lot from you/the tour, but also we learned how little we know... and how much we still need to learn about our beautiful city.)

The tour, led by Rick Evans, was absolutely fantastic and I would consider it a must for any and every SF resident. Even though there were many long-time SF residents in our party of six, still all of us learned a lot during this tour and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. For me this tour was definitely eye-opening. Since we took it, I stopped rushing through downtown and instead I find myself deriving pleasure from examining the architectural features and decorative details of all buildings I pass. Also, whenever possible, I try to pick inside the buildings and look for hidden treasures.

One such "hidden treasure" that we discovered during the tour, was a building located at 111 Sutter St. Anybody can enter it and take pictures there, so if you find yourself in that neighborhood, do not hesitate to explore it!

The entrance to the building:

Main hall with a gorgeous terracotta ceiling full of symbolism: