Friday, August 6, 2010

The fanciest bank in San Francisco

During the architectural walking tour we visited the fanciest bank building in San Francisco - the Wells Fargo branch (formerly the Crocker Bank building) located on the corner of Post and Montgomery. When you enter this bank you feel like you were moved back in time to golden years of San Francisco and California, when money was falling down from the sky...

The building and its interior are truly majestic, a feeling magnified by two story-high beautiful ceiling, intentionally dimmed lights, old style desks with bronze ink pens and ink bottles, and marble floors. Unfortunately, it is not allowed to take pictures inside the bank, so you will have to take my word for that. Or even better - go and visit it yourself! (The pictures below were taken from the outside and back of the bank, so they are not fully representative of the beauty of the bank.)

In front of the bank:

Decorated ceiling above the banks' entrance/exit:

Old style desk with current deposit slips:

Super fancy ink bottle:

Peeking into the bank through a metal gate: