Thursday, December 31, 2009

my friends in Poznan

Almost all of my close friends who live in Poland are in Poznan. There lives Olenka, my best friend from high school, Agnieszka, my best friend from university and Ania, my best roommate ever :)

It was really great to see them all and find out that all of them are doing so extremely well both on personal and professional fronts. This trip made me realize how lucky I am to have so many wonderful female friends (not only in Poland, but in general). I have to admit that I am very proud of all my girlfriends. They are all strong, independent, successful and at the same time modest, kind and beautiful. Are all women like that or do I somehow only make friends with women like that?

Anyway, my stay in Poznan was so good, that it was actually bad. My mind started wondering why I am living abroad so far away from the people who are important to me, and if maybe I should come back to Poland. But at the same time I know that long term I would probably not be happy in Poland. At least not yet. Moving back for me would mean giving up on something that I am not willing to give up yet (I am not fully sure what that something really is, though).

Agnieszka and I in the pub PRL. We are celebrating Agnieszka's PhD defense!

The very happy family: Ania, Arianka and Molutek:

Beautiful Arianka:

Ania, Agnieszka and I: