Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Barcelona - first impressions

Barcelona is a very lively city and in some ways feels like home to me. In many ways it reminds me of Poland. I feel so comfortable here that I could even potentially imagine myself living here. Photos that will follow in a few next posts hopefully will help you understand why I like Barcelona so much. Though I have to admit that I am disappointed with the weather - it is bloody cold here! I need to wear gloves!!!

Apparently theft is a big issue in Barcelona. So far nothing has been stolen from me and, hopefully, I will manage to leave Barcelona with all my belongings tomorrow. Yesterday when I was waiting for a metro, I noticed that one woman tries to communicate with me. She was pointing her finger first at my camera bag, then at her eye and at two men standing nearby me while soundlessly whispering "be careful". I nodded my head and also soundlessly replied "thank you". Most likely thanks to her I managed to save my camera from potential thieves.