Thursday, December 31, 2009

Barcelona - last thoughts and photos

As I mentioned before, I could imagine myself living in Barcelona. There are several reasons for that. First, I really liked that in the evenings there were lots of people walking on the streets. Second, I absolutely love architectural style of Barcelona, especially its narrow streets and beautiful street lamps:

Beautiful street lamp and Gaudi's Casa Mila:

Also, I enjoyed a lot modernistic buildings present here and there in the city. Here you can see group of buildings called Illa de la Discordia:

Gaudi's Casa Batloo:

Palau de la Musica Catalana:

Miquel Blay's sculptural group (The Catalan song) on the corner of Palau de la Musica Catalana:

Of course, there were also many beautiful "classical" buildings as well, for example Santa Maria del Mar:

Placa del Rei:

Casa de la Ciutat with interesting visual effects:

Third reason why I like Barcelona is because it is friendly to cyclists and even it has its own bike-sharing program called "bicing":

Fourth reason for liking Barcelona is that it is located at the seaside and it has a reasonably nice beach. When I was there it was too cold to lie on a real beach, so we had to take advantage of this artificial one:

Being located at the seaside also means that there is a wonderful selection of fresh sea food. I am pretty sure that if I would live there, I would start eating fish again. Especially that being vegetarian is a bit challenging in Spain... Also, as I mentioned in one of the previous posts, there was great selection of other food as well, so cooking there would be lots of fun.

Fifth reason for liking Barcelona would be its reasonably moderate climate. I guess I managed to arrive there during the worst weather and it was still not that bad.

List of things that I did not like about Barcelona would be pretty short. The major issue would be that Barcelona is pretty expensive compared to the salaries that people earn. The minor one is that all people there look the same to me... so it would take me some time and effort to recognize my neighbors or co-workers ;)