Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jakub and Julian

Last weekend I was visiting Manja, Bartek and little Jakub in San Diego. Kubus (that's a nicer version of the name Jakub) is simply adorable. He has big blue eyes, dark hair and cute smile. He is surprisingly quiet and does not cry much. At least not yet :)

Despite Kubus t-shirt saying so, I do not think he looks like his father:

He did not even mind me carrying him around for a bit:

But he seemed the happiest in his daddy's arms:

And here is Kubus and his happy parents:

On Sunday we all went to the historic city of Julian, which is famous for its apple pies. We had three different types of pies there and all of them were delicious!

City of Julian is full of old buildings:

Built. Burnt. Restored.

Julian (oven fresh) Pie Company serves great pies: