Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wine tasting in Sonoma

On Wednesday this week we went wine tasting to Sonoma and Napa.

Our first stop was Cline winery. There we took a guided tour through the vineyard, which, unfortunately, focused more on the history of the Cline family rather than on wine making. Still, the tour was quite informative and interesting as the Cline family owns models of all twenty-one California Missions that are faithful representations of missions built by Spanish missionaries along California coast. The first of the missions is located in San Diego and the last one six hundred fifty miles north in Sonoma. All those models can be seen at the California Missions Museum that was established by the Cline family.

As for Cline wine, I am quite fond of their Viognier, but I was not impressed by none of their reds.

My parents in front of the Cline tasting room:

From there we went to downtown Sonoma to visit *real* Mission Sonoma:

Afterwards we visited a much less touristy Saint Francis winery that also happens to make cabs and zins that I love. Here are my parents in front of it:

We shortly stopped at several other vineyards, but none of them was really memorable.