Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bausack (Sack o' Bricks)

What the better way to spend an evening with the family than to play a few games of Bausack? Especially when your boyfriend and your parents do not speak the same language :) This game is definitely good at breaking language and cultural barriers, as well as it provides a great entertainment.

The idea behind Bausack is to use provided blocks (bricks) to built a structure on blocks put down by other players. Players take turns choosing (preferably blindly from the provided bag) blocks. When the structure falls down, the player who caused it looses.

Here my father is reaching into a bag to pick a block that will fit onto the existing structure:

Few bricks further the structure looks like this:

Here is another, pretty impressive structure that we managed to built:

And this photo commemorates the moment of my father's defeat: