Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008: Monterey Bay Aquarium

During Thanksgiving holidays Anil and I went for a road trip to Monterey and Big Sur. We planned to go as far south as necessary to catch up with warm weather. Fortunately, we got lucky and it was warm and sunny wherever we went :)

In Monterey we visited Monterey Bay Aquarium, which is absolutely fantastic. I have been there already three times and every single time I enjoyed it a lot. All the exhibits at the aquarium are extremely well done and focus on presenting all the fish in as natural environment as possible.

One of the big attractions of the aquarium is sea otters' exhibit. Kids simply love them as they are very playful and interactive:

My favorite exhibit was Outer Bay Exhibit, which features the largest permanent collection of jellyfish species in the United States. Below are several examples of the jellyfish present in this exhibit:

Black Sea Nettle:

Moon Jellies:

Sea Nettles:

Jellies which name I do not remember:

Other interesting sea animals:

Kelp bass school swimming through a kelp forrect:

Sand dollars:

Tube Anemones:


Red Anemone: