Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008: Hearst Castle

On Friday we visited Hearst Castle, "the legendary California manor" overlooking Pacific coast near San Simeon. Even though I had no high expectations regarding this castle, I was still disappointed with it. Maybe our tour guide is to be blamed, but I often felt bored and wished the tour ended sooner (we took the introductory Experience Tour 1). Coming from culturally and historically rich Europe, I could not possible be impressed by "a 400-year-old Italian ceiling" if I felt it was kitschy and out of place.

Nonetheless, views from the castle to the nearby hills and ocean are amazing. So at least for this reason alone it might be still worth visiting the castle.

Pseudo-Roman architecture:

The Neptune Pool:

The main house facade, modeled after a 16th century Spanish cathedral:

The living room:

Gardens surrounding the guest house:

A study rooms in one of the guest houses:

The indoor swimming pool, modeled after Roman baths, with gold mosaic tiles: