Monday, August 18, 2008

Poland 2008 - Road To Hel(l)

I managed to convince my father that Hel Peninsula is well worth a visit, so on one sunny day we got into the car and drove all the way to its end and back. That was an absolutely beautiful trip that we both enjoyed a lot.

Hel Peninsula is a very interesting geographic phenomenon. It is a 35km long strip of land of variable width. In its narrowest part it is only 100m wide and during winter storms it frequently gets separated from the mainland Poland and turns into an island. All along the peninsula run rail tracks, a bike path and a road for cars that cut through the cities of Wladyslawowo, Chalupy, Kuznica, Jastarnia, Jurata and Hel. We stopped in each of these cities, and whenever possible, we walked across them to see Baltic Sea on one side, and Bay of Puck on the other one. We also walked to the furthest point of the peninsula, where the bay waters mix with the sea.

My father at the tip of the peninsula:

Again my father next to the picture showing the furthest point of the peninsula to which we had just hiked:

Museum of Fishing in Hel:

Fishing boats of Hel:

Traditional Fishermen's House from XIXth century in Kuznica: