Sunday, August 10, 2008

Madison, WI

Last week I went to Madison, Wisconsin, for an aging conference. The conference was very good but also mentally and physically exhausting. The program was very intense and there was hardly any time left during which I could have explored Madison.

Madison was a surprisingly nice city. Small, but with many young people and liberal atmosphere. Still, I realized that I could not live in place like this anymore. In the end Madison has only 30-50 restaurants to offer, and that's it. After living in place like San Francisco, I just can not imagine myself anymore living in a place that does not have such vivid art scene and abundance of restaurants.

Here is Madison's Capitol, which is very similar to the one in Washington, and apparently was the second one (after the one in washington, DC) to be built:

The conference was taking place at the campus of University of Wisconsin, in this very building:

The conference building was located directly at the lakeshore: