Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Some people love it and can not imagine living anywhere else, others can not imagine living there. I'm in the latter category :) Not that there is anything wrong with Portland. It is actually quite lovely: it is very green and peaceful. Just a little bit too peaceful for my taste.

Even though half a million people live in Portland proper, and two million more in its metropolitan area, it feels like a small provincial town. There are no high-rise buildings even in downtown Portland, so it feels like one big suburb. Admittedly, a nice one, if you like living in the suburbs.

Like in San Francisco, there are many artsy, hippie types, who are into yoga, healthy living, organic food and good coffee. Also, nature around Portland is very pretty and green (no wonder, if you consider how much it rains there). In fact, the nature is so pretty there that Anil and I would even consider getting short-time contracts in Portland, so that we can explore some of hiking trails there. Of course, we would only consider moving there during the summer months (June through August); after that we would need to quickly move to a warmer place. Nine months of constant rain and overcast sky is not something either of us would enjoy.

Portland and Mt. Hood:

Portland and Mt. St. Helens:

One of the buildings in downtown Portland:

Portland's Beaver: