Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mt. Eddy/Deadfall Lake Hike in Mt. Shasta Forest

Towards the end of our trip both Anil and I felt that we had been spending too much time in a car and not enough time hiking. Therefore, we decided to change our plans for the last day and instead of going to Lava Beds National Monument we went to Mt. Shasta Forest. There we wanted to go on a 10-mile long hike to the top of Mt. Eddy.

Our plan partially failed, as we only managed to go on a 6-mile hike due to unforeseeable amounts of snow that were still present at the higher elevations. In fact, we even had some trouble getting to the hike’s trailhead, as the last 3 km of the road leading to it were still partially covered by snow. At a certain moment a mountain of snow appeared in front of us, completely blocking the road and forcing us to park our car in front of it and cross it by foot.

Luckily, the trail was not as completely covered by snow as the road was, so we did not have trouble finding our way to Dead Leaf Lakes. There, however, we decided to abort our initial plan of climbing Mt Eddy, as because of the snow we were unable to find the trail anymore. Still, it was a very pretty hike. And if anything, the snow made it probably even prettier. The lakes were truly beautiful and I would strongly recommend this hike to anybody, no matter if you will make it all the way to the top of Mt. Eddy or just go to the lakes. I’m also determined to do this hike again later in the season, when there is less snow.

A snow-covered road:

Anil jumping over a seasonal creek formed by melting snow:

Occasionally, we had to struggle a bit to cross a snow patch blocking the trail:

Views from the trail:

Deadfall Lakes