Saturday, September 3, 2011

Supperclub = Super Lame

I so wanted to like Supperclub. I think that the idea is pretty cool: chilling in comfy beds while eating delicious food and watching an interesting show. Sadly, San Francisco's Supperclub executes so poorly on this idea that we just could not like it. The beds were not comfy, the food was not up to San Francisco's standards, the show was terrible and the people working at the club seemed stressed. How do you expect your guests to have fun if you don't? Also, to call 3 four-minute one-person performances "a show" is a definite overstatement.

Anil and I were bored and barely survived the 2.5 hours that it took to get through the meal and "show". As soon as we were done with food, we asked for the check and left. Actually, the food portions were so small that after arriving back home we ate another dinner. In conclusion, if you have several hundred dollars to spare better do it elsewhere.

The bar at the entrance to the club:

The ambiance of the club:

The best one of the three short performances that we saw in the club: