Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The South Oregon Coast

“You are in Oregon now” – shouted to us a woman at the gas station.
“All right” – shouted back Anil. Seeing a surprised look at my face, he added “In Oregon you can not tank a car yourself. You have to wait for a gas station employee to do it for you”.
“Aha” – I replied, raising my eyebrows in disbelief. I was surprised that from the sentence “You are in Oregon now” I was supposed to infer that I can not tank the car myself... "It will be interesting trip" - I thought - "We are just a few miles north of California and it already feels like a completely different country".

I do have to admit though that thanks to this interesting “welcome” to Oregon I’m bound to always remember not to dare to tank my car myself whenever I'm there.

Driftwood and huge rocks sticking out from the sand on the coast will also always remind me of Oregon (and Washington). I found it amazing how different Oregon and Washington coast is from the Californian coast and that you can easily tell one from the other just by looking at a single picture.

Here are a few photos of the Southern Oregon Coast that I took: