Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Himba Village

While traveling in Namibia few years ago, I had a chance to visit a village of the Himba tribe.

Amazingly, the Himba have managed to maintain much of their traditional lifestyle. They are semi-nomadic, wear traditional clothes and hairstyles, use primitive tools, marry within their own tribe, don't send their kids to public schools, believe in their own god Mukuru, breed goats and cows for food, and don't speak any other language but their own. (Interestingly, their language has names for only four colors. In English, there are names for about hundred.)

During the day, men take care of herd, while the women take care of domestic chores, such as bringing water, building and repairing houses, cooking, taking care of the kids, and making jewellery for themselves and for sale.