Monday, October 15, 2012

Back to Noe Valley

I'm happy to announce that in a month we'll be moving back to Noe Valley!

I'm very excited about it for several reasons:

(1) About half of my closest friends in San Francisco live in Noe Valley, within 10-minute walk from my new place! I cannot wait to be able to invite them over for spontaneous dinner/brunch/cake/coffee.

(2) Noe Valley is awesome and it has the best bakery in San Francisco.

(3) Our new place is awesome - it's an extremely well-kept, modern two-bedroom apartment with a garage, storage, small yard, washer, dryer, stainless steal appliances in the large eat-in kitchen, large bedrooms, and a nice living room overlooking the yard. Also our new landlords seem really cool, and taking into account how much time and effort they invest into choosing the right tenants I'm having high hopes that our new neighbors will be really nice too.  

(4) My first home in San Francisco was in Noe Valley and I have extremely fond memories of that time in my life. I also met the love of my life while I lived there.

Well, it seems that the history makes a full circle, and soon my love and I'll be back to Noe Valley - just one-and-a-half blocks away from the first place I had there.