Saturday, February 4, 2012

Oasis Visitor Center, Big Cypress National Preserve

There were so many tourists at the Oasis Visitor Center (Big Cypress National Preserve) that we almost didn't stop there. I'm extremely glad that we did, as there were lots of alligators, one bigger than another. Moreover, most of them were resting directly next to a viewing platform, confirming my suspicion that Florida parks bribe the animals to pose for tourists.

A sleeping alligator

A swimming alligator

Another sleeping alligator

Two more alligators

I think I even know how the park bribes the alligators: it provides them with an unlimited supply of fish!
Alligators' food

Near the viewing platform there was also a playful anhinga, . . .
An anhinga

An anhinga

. . . a few cormorants, . . .
A water landing

. . . and a tricolor heron.

A half mile east of the Oasis Visitor Center is Clyde Butcher's Big Cypress Gallery, which displays, promotes, and sells his photographs, as well as those of a few other local artists. Clyde Butcher mostly photographs nature in the Big Cypress/Everglades area, and all of his photographs are black and white. I think because of that some people compare him to Ansel Adams. As neither Anil nor I were impressed with his photos (they were not bad, but nothing special), I have to oppose this comparison.

In fact, the highlight of our visit to the gallery was an encounter with a pretty colorful lizard running around near the front door. Much more exciting than the photos inside.
A pretty lizard