Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cable Cars in San Francisco

Finally, after four and a half years of living in San Francisco, I found time to ride one of its famous cable cars. I would have probably stay a cable care virgin for many more years, if it weren't for Bartek and Gary. During their last June's visit to San Francisco they convince me to join them on a cable car trip. We took the most touristy Powell-Hyde line from Market St to Fisherman's Wharf that passes through Union Square, Nob and Russian Hills, the top of famous Lombard Street and Ghiradelli Square.

It was fun to ride it, though not as much fun as you would figure from the movies featuring the cable cars. E.g. it is not allowed to jump on and off a cable car once it is in motion. On the positive note, it is allowed to lean out of the car for the purpose of taking cool pictures.

The cable car:

Views from the top of Lombard Street:

Bartek and Gary in the cable car: