Sunday, July 24, 2011

Auntie's B-day

Both in Indian and Polish culture, close friends of the parents are often referred to as "uncles" and "aunts". Though I think this term is more liberally used in India as Anil seems to have at least ten times as many extra aunts and uncles as I have :)

In the middle of May we went to the 80th birthday party of Auntie Kaumudi, the wife of our favorite uncle who helped us immensely with our last year's wedding preparations. We could not believe that the auntie is already 80 as she does not look more than 65. I certainly hope that I'll manage to age as gracefully as she did.

The party took place at an Indian restaurant, Athidhi. There were around 100 guests, mostly Indians, now that I think of it :) Almost all women wore beautiful saris, so I regret that I decided against wearing one too.

The atmosphere at the party was relaxed and food was good, so we had a very good time and met several interesting people. Mostly, we were very happy for our auntie and uncle, and it was great to be part of their celebration. In these turbulent times, it is wonderful to see people who have been married for 40+ years and still treat each other with uttermost respect and adoration.

A few pictures from the party:

Auntie, uncle, their daughter, son and grandson:

Traditional cake feeding:

Neeta, Gautam, Aditi and Ram:

Anil, I and Aditi:

All of us with Auntie and Uncle: