Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Indian Bureaucracy - Part 2

I've just sent the following letter to the Consul General of the San Francisco Consulate:

Dear Madame,

I have visited the SF Consulate today to apply for the PIO card based on my recent marriage to an Indian citizen.

My application got denied as I was informed that I can only apply for the PIO card one year after the marriage (we got married on xx-xx-2010). I requested a written statement from the employees of the embassy justifying why I can not apply for the PIO card and I asked for the legal basis of their decision. They refused to provide either one.

Instead, they referred me to SF consulate's webpage (, which does not mention one-year post-marriage rule. Neither do the webpages of Ministry of Home Affairs ( nor Bureau of Immigration (

I will be very grateful if you could look into that matter.

I am looking forward to your prompt reply.

Dr. Monika XXX
Sometimes one needs to play the doctor card. :)