Monday, June 14, 2010

new design and layout

The blog has changed. Have you noticed? ;)

I liked the old black design as it was very simple and provided a good background for most of the photos. However, there was one thing that I never liked about it and was unable to change: the width of the main post frame.

I disliked it for two reasons:
(1) It made the posts seem text-heavy (even though for most of them that was not the case)
(2) It only allowed posting very small photos (up to the width of 400px)

The new layout allows me to post photos that are 600px wide (which corresponds to more than doubling of size of the photos!) and is still relatively simple. I also like that it is orange - in the end, summer is in the air!

Oh, and for the lazy readers who do not feel like commenting, but might have enjoyed reading the posts, I added a new way of marking their presence: through "funny", "interesting and "cool" buttons at the end of each post. Let's see how that works.