Friday, May 29, 2009

reasons for not blogging

As you have noticed, dear friends and random strangers, I have not been blogging much recently. There are two main reasons for that:

(a) I am extremely busy. (I already hear you saying: as always... tell us something we do not know...) Well, this time I have a very good reason for claiming being busy. My beloved parents are coming to visit me for a month (whole month of July) and I am trying to get as much job done as possible before they come, as I know that when they are here, I will be hardly able to work. First, we plan to travel together for two weeks (this time to Hawaii, yay!). Then, during the rest of their stay here I would still like to spend as much time as possible with them, which means that I will not be able to work full time then. BTW, don't get me wrong. This is not a complaint. I am actually looking forward to my parents' visit. They are fabulous and I know that we will have an amazing time together. If they only spoke English, I would throw a huge party that you could all get to know them and see how much fun they are.

(b) My laptop has kindly decided to die. It probably happened already a month ago and I still did not get a new one. That means that I can not blog from home (which is what I used to do). The only times that I use a computer is when I am at work. And after 12+ hours here I barely feel like staying an extra hour only to post something...

Regardless, before my parents come, I still plan to finish the following posts:

  1. Pinnacles NM (from a weekend trip in April 2009)
  2. Mokelumne Wilderness (from Memorial Weekend)
  3. Mono Lake (from Memorial Weekend)
  4. Yosemite NP (from Memorial Weekend)
  5. Grand Canyon - Bright Angel Trail (from March 2009)
  6. Grand Canyon - Bright Angel Creek (from March 2009)
  7. Grand Canyon - Clear Creek Trail (from March 2009)
  8. Grand Canyon - Plateau Point (from March 2009)
  9. Road Trip 2008: Bryce NP (from September 2008)
  10. Road Trip 2008: Canyonlands NP (from September 2008)
  11. Road Trip 2008: Arches NP (from September 2008)
  12. Road Trip 2008: Grand Canyon NP - North Rim (from September 2008)
  13. Road Trip 2008: Mesa Verde NP (from September 2008)

Though now that I see that it means one post every other day, I start to doubt that I will manage it. Still, it's good to have ambitious plans as they at least motivate you to start doing something...