Monday, April 6, 2009

Point Reyes Peninsula

Last weekend Marta was visiting me in San Francisco and I wanted to show her that not only the city but also its surroundings are beautiful. So on Sunday she, Anil and I went hiking/nature watching to Point Reyes National Seashore.

Point Reyes Peninsula is absolutely beautiful. I have been there couple times already and I loved it each single time. It is definitely one of the most beautiful places along the Pacific coast. It is especially worth visiting during late winter/early spring when there is still a big colony of elephant seals present, whales migrate close by and flowers start blooming.

Below are several photos from my latest visit there.

San Francisco skyline from the Vista Point on the northern side of Golden Gate Bridge:

Endless beach north of Pt Reyes Lighthouse (btw, compare the next few photos with the photos that I took during my previous visit to Pt reyes):

More than 300 steps lead to Pt Reyes Lighthouse, which, unlike most lighthouses, is located at the sea level rather than on the cliff:

There are very few days during the year when you can actually visit the lighthouse - on most of the days the stairs leading to it are closed due to thick fog and roaring winds:

Red lichens:

Wild Iris:

The spring has arrived!

Northern Elephant seals (mostly pups) viewed from Chimney Rock Trail:

My guest, Marta, and I:

At the end of Chimney Rock trail, gazing at the waves, rocks and ocean beneath, pondering the sense of life:

Natural arch near the end of Chimney Rock Trail:

Spectacular views from the Chimney Rock Trail:

Surprisingly placid waters of Drakes Bay: