Wednesday, April 2, 2008

my new room in wide-angle

My wide-angle (10-20mm) lens arrived today, so I immediately tested its possibilities on my new room (around month ago Kristina moved out from our house and I moved to her former room as it gets more sunlight, has a working fireplace and is slightly bigger than my old room).

So here is how my room looks right now:

For comparison here are pictures of my room taken two weeks ago with my "old" 18-55mmm lens:

Isn't it impressive how much more you can see on the photos taken with a wide-angle lens? I just can not wait to take my first landscape pictures with this lens! And I am also very happy that it arrived well in advance of my Europe trip, so I will have a chance to take it there with me and hopefully take a few nice pictures with it.

Oh, and I am very happy that the old mosaic that I made for the window of my former room also fits in my new one: