Sunday, November 19, 2006

I love airports

Yesterday I arrived in SF opening a new chapter of my life. Passing through immigration went more smoothly than expected and, as a result, I was out of the gate earlier than planned. Sebastian was not there yet, so I had some time to look around and see what is happening around me. I noticed that there were pretty a lot of people waiting at the arrival's gate with flowers. I was wondering for whom they were waiting and soon the mystery was uncovered: these were the families of immigrants (one from Russia and one from somewhere in Latin America) awaiting their family members to join them in the US. It was very touching to see old Russian grandma kissing her children and grandchildren with tears in her eyes, and them taking photos and filming that as it would be the most important moment in their lives... And I couldn't help but wonder if that would not be Russian but let's say American grandma arriving, if there still would be 30 or so people waiting for her at the airport?