Saturday, December 2, 2006


I will repeat that at every possible occasion: this is the best hostel in the city. The dorm rooms are not amazing, but the hostel is clean, breakfast is included in the price, you can get here a free coffee and tea whole day long, you meet many exciting people usually being on their world trip, it has a big living room with comfortable couches, books and games and a nice dinning room with a TV.

Social live usually concentrates in the dinning room, where people share their world adventures having some classic movie in the background (e.g. yesterday evening we watched Thelma and Louise, and just now Cocktail). It is a Saturday night in a great city and many people choose to spend their evening here. And I feel pity that I will have to live soon, as we arranged a beer drinking evening for ex-Dresdeners living in SF somewhere out in the city. (Do not get me wrong: Of course I am happy to go out too.)

The hostel also has a wireless internet, which facilitated my flat search and also posting of these blog messages. So if you are ever in SF and for some strange reason do not want to stay with me: go to Adelaide!